PHP 8.3 Releases

PHP 8.3 is the upcoming PHP version, bringing typed class constants, Granular DateTime Exceptions, fallback value support for PHP INI Environment Variable syntax, and more.

PHP 8.3 is a development branch that has not reached General Availability (GA). The releases below are meant to be used testing the upcoming PHP versions, and not for production systems. The first GA release for PHP 8.3 is scheduled for 2023-11-23.

Version Status

Upcoming Release

Latest Release


PHP 8.3 reaches End Of Life (EOL)
PHP 8.3 active support ends
PHP 8.3.0 Upcoming Release
PHP 8.3 General Availability (GA)
PHP 8.3.0RC6 QA Release Upcoming Release
PHP 8.3.0RC5 QA Release Upcoming Release
PHP 8.3.0RC4 QA Release Upcoming Release
PHP 8.3.0RC3 QA Release Latest
PHP 8.3.0RC2 QA Release
PHP 8.3.0RC1 QA Release
PHP 8.3.0beta3 QA Release
PHP 8.3.0beta2 Security Update QA Release
PHP 8.3.0beta1 QA Release
PHP 8.3.0alpha3 QA Release
PHP 8.3.0alpha2 QA Release
PHP 8.3.0alpha1 Security Update QA Release