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PHP's new convention on using namespaces for extensions

PHP's new convention on using namespaces for extensions

A recent RFC passed in favor of using a namespace for PHP extensions.
How to compile PHP from source on Debian/Ubuntu - Beginner's guide

How to compile PHP from source on Debian/Ubuntu - Beginner's guide

Beginner's guide to compile PHP from the source, on Ubuntu/Debian with up to date instructions for PHP 8 and up.
Function Inlining in Zend Engine

Function Inlining in Zend Engine

A list of special PHP functions that Zend Engine can inline and optimize.

PHP News

PHP 8.1 Release Managers elected

The vote to select two additional Release Managers for PHP 8.1, along with Joe Watkins concluded today with Ben Ramsey and Patrick Allaert being Release Managers-elect.

Update to recent `` incident

An update to recent the `` compromise and attempt to place a backdoor.

`` server compromised, move to GitHub, and delayed updates

``, the Git server that hosted PHP source code was hacked, and contained a RCE backdoor. PHP source is now moved to GitHub. Further, the upcoming PHP 8.0.4 and 7.4.17 are delayed by two weeks.

PHP Versions and Changes

Release Date2021-11-25
Version StatusFuture Release

PHP 8.1 is the next major PHP version, up for release on November 2021.

PHP 8.1 will bring Enums, Fibers, never return type, and more!

Release Date2020-11-26
Version StatusSupported (Latest)

PHP 8.0, on the 25th year of PHP history, brings several important features such as Union Types, JIT, Constructor Property Promotion, Match Syntax, Named Parameters, and several more performance, syntax, and quality-of-life improvements.

Release Date2019-11-28
Version StatusSupported

PHP 7.4, the final release in the PHP 7.x series. PHP 7.4 brings typed properties, underscore numeric separator, and other minor improvements to PHP.

Release Date2018-12-06
Version StatusSecurity-Fixes Only

Heredoc/nowdoc syntax improvements and a bunch of legacy code deprecations.

Release Date2017-11-30
Version StatusUnsupported

Argon2 password hashing support, class constant visibility, object type, and many more.

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