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PHP Curl Security Hardening

PHP Curl Security Hardening

A detailed guide to harden security when using Curl with PHP.
State of Drupal 7: Lasting over a decade

State of Drupal 7: Lasting over a decade

Drupal 7, released early 2011 refuses to die, and needs to be maintained until end of 2022.
PHP 7.3 is now security-fixes only

PHP 7.3 is now security-fixes only

PHP 7.3.26 will be the last bug-fix release, and will only receive security fixes for one year.

PHP Versions and Changes

Version StatusFuture Release

PHP 8.1 is in active-development, and is the target version for new features and improvements.

Release Date2020-11-26
Version StatusSupported (Latest)

PHP 8.0, on the 25th year of PHP history, brings several important features such as Union Types, JIT, Constructor Property Promotion, Match Syntax, Named Parameters, and several more performance, syntax, and quality-of-life improvements.

Release Date2019-11-28
Version StatusSupported

Latest and greatest PHP version with typed properties, short array syntax, and more.

Release Date2018-12-06
Version StatusSecurity-Fixes Only

Heredoc/nowdoc syntax improvements and a bunch of legacy code deprecations.

Release Date2017-11-30
Version StatusUnsupported

Argon2 password hashing support, class constant visibility, object type, and many more.

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