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Install/Upgrade PHP 8.1 on Ubuntu/Debian

Install/Upgrade PHP 8.1 on Ubuntu/Debian

A comprehensive guide on how to install or upgrade to PHP 8.1 on Ubuntu/Debian based systems.
PHP 8.1 Is Released!

PHP 8.1 Is Released!

Over 120 people helped shape PHP 8.1! Here are some posters to celebrate our loud!
Modern PHP data Encryption/Decryption with Sodium extension

Modern PHP data Encryption/Decryption with Sodium extension

An in-depth guide on public-key and secret-key cryptography with Sodium extension in PHP.

PHP News

Thank you, Nikita!

Nikita Popov, one of the major and most impactful contributors to PHP announced that he will be shafting his focus, and will not be able to contribute to PHP on a professional capacity anymore.

PHP 7.4.25, 8.0.25 and later 7.3.32 released with security and bug fixes

PHP 7.4.25 and 8.0.25 released with security and bug fixes. A corresponding PHP 7.3 release was made later on 2021-10-28 with the fix for the security vulnerability.

Ubuntu 21.10 — Impish Indri — to be released with PHP 8.0

Ubuntu 21.10 — Impish Indri — to be released on Oct 14, will contain PHP 8.0 in its default software repositories.

PHP Versions and Changes

Version StatusUpcoming Release

The development of PHP 8.2 started after PHP 8.1 reached its feature-freeze. It is scheduled to be released towards the end of year 2022.

Release Date2021-11-25
Version StatusSupported (Latest)

PHP 8.1 is the latest major PHP version. It brings major new features such as Enums, Fibers, never return type, Intersection Types, readonly properties, and more, while ironing out some of its undesired legacy features by deprecating them.

Release Date2020-11-26
Version StatusSupported

PHP 8.0, on the 25th year of PHP history, brings several important features such as Union Types, JIT, Constructor Property Promotion, Match Syntax, Named Parameters, and several more performance, syntax, and quality-of-life improvements.

Release Date2019-11-28
Version StatusSecurity-Fixes Only

PHP 7.4, the final release in the PHP 7.x series. PHP 7.4 brings typed properties, underscore numeric separator, and other minor improvements to PHP.

Release Date2018-12-06
Version StatusUnsupported

Heredoc/nowdoc syntax improvements and a bunch of legacy code deprecations.

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