About PHP.Watch

PHP.Watch is a web site to track, learn, and keep in touch with PHP development.

It's run by Ayesh Karunaratne, a Sri Lanka-born software architect, now traveling the world full-time while working as a security researcher, software architect, and a speaker.

Some of the blog posts I have made in my personal web site are now moved to PHP.Watch as it is a more suitable place. Over the years, I have written about what is happening with modern PHP development.

In addition to the written content, I have delivered talks related to what's happening with PHP core development at DrupalCon Vienna, Dutch PHP Conference, and a few other smaller events. I have mentioned this web site at my talks/proposals at DrupalCon Amsterdam and Seattle too.

I started a new Twitter account @phpwch that I will be tweeting latest news related to PHP. I'm reachable on Twitter @Ayeshlive, on Github @Ayesh, and over at ayesh.me as well.

If you are reading this and have contributed to the PHP project in terms of writing code, documentation, issue queues, or even mentioned PHP at a dinner table, you folks are awesome!

Much love. Smile.