PHP.Watch is a web site to track, learn, and keep in touch with PHP development.

It's run by Ayesh Karunaratne, a Sri Lanka-born software architect, now traveling the world full-time while working as a security researcher, software architect, and a speaker.

Some of the blog posts I have made in my personal web site are now moved to PHP.Watch as it is a more suitable place. Over the years, I have written about what is happening with modern PHP development.

In addition to the written content, I have delivered talks related to what's happening with PHP core development at DrupalCon Vienna, Dutch PHP Conference, and a few other smaller events. I have mentioned this web site at my talks/proposals at DrupalCon Amsterdam and Seattle too.

I started a new Twitter account @PHP_Watch that I will be tweeting latest news related to PHP. I'm reachable on Twitter @Ayeshlive, on Github @Ayesh, and over at as well.

If you are reading this and have contributed to the PHP project in terms of writing code, documentation, issue queues, or even mentioned PHP at a dinner table, you folks are awesome!

Much love. Smile.