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PHP 8.2 Alpha 1 Released

The first PHP 8.2 Alpha version is now available for testing.

PHP 8.2 Release Managers Elected

Ben Ramsey, Sergey Panteleev, and Pierrick Charron elected as the Release Managers for PHP 8.2, which is scheduled to be released on 24th of Nov, 2022.

PHP Project Adds GitHub Actions for CI/CD

PHP project adds GitHub Actions CI/CD for Linux and Mac OS builds.

PHP 8.1.3, 8.0.28, and 7.4.28 released with security and bug fixes

PHP versions 8.1.3, 8.0.28, and 7.4.28 are released with security and bug fixes. There are is no corresponding 7.3 release because PHP 7.3 series have reached their End Of Life.

Thank you, Nikita!

Nikita Popov, one of the major and most impactful contributors to PHP announced that he will be shafting his focus, and will not be able to contribute to PHP on a professional capacity anymore.

PHP 7.4.25, 8.0.25 and later 7.3.32 released with security and bug fixes

PHP 7.4.25 and 8.0.25 released with security and bug fixes. A corresponding PHP 7.3 release was made later on 2021-10-28 with the fix for the security vulnerability.

Ubuntu 21.10 — Impish Indri — to be released with PHP 8.0

Ubuntu 21.10 — Impish Indri — to be released on Oct 14, will contain PHP 8.0 in its default software repositories.

Composer 2.1.9 and 1.12.23 released with security and bug fixes

Composer 2.1.9 and 1.12.23 versions are released with a security fix for Windows command-injection vulnerability and bug fixes.

PHP 7.3.31, 7.4.24, and 8.0.11 Released with Bug and Security Fixes

PHP versions 7.3.31, 7.4.24, and 8.0.11 are released with several bug fixes and a security fix.

Drupal 8.9.19, 9.1.13, and 9.2.6 released with several security fixes

Drupal 8.9, 9.1, and 9.2 series receive security updates that fix CSRF and Access Bypass vulnerabilities in JSON:API, Media, and QuickEdit modules.
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