PHP 8.2 Releases

PHP 8.2 is the latest PHP version which brings readonly classes, DNF types, null, false, and true types, sensitive parameter redaction support, a new random extension, and several new features along with a few deprecations.

PHP 8.2 is an actively maintained branch, and will receive active bug fix and security updates until 2024-12-31

Version Status


Latest Release


PHP 8.2 reaches End Of Life (EOL)
PHP 8.2 active support ends
PHP 8.2.21 Security Update Latest
PHP 8.2.20 Security Update
PHP 8.2.19 Security Update
PHP 8.2.18 Security Update
PHP 8.2.9 Security Update
PHP 8.2.7 Security Update
PHP 8.2.4 Security Update
PHP 8.2.3 Security Update
PHP 8.2.1 Security Update
PHP 8.2.0 Security Update
PHP 8.2 General Availability (GA)
PHP 8.2.0RC7 QA Release
PHP 8.2.0RC6 QA Release
PHP 8.2.0RC5 QA Release
PHP 8.2.0RC4 QA Release
PHP 8.2.0RC3 QA Release
PHP 8.2.0RC2 QA Release
PHP 8.2.0RC1 QA Release
PHP 8.2.0beta3 QA Release
PHP 8.2.0beta2 QA Release
PHP 8.2.0beta1 QA Release
PHP 8.2.0alpha3 QA Release
PHP 8.2.0alpha2 QA Release
PHP 8.2.0alpha1 QA Release