PHP 8.1: mysqli::get_client_info method and mysqli_get_client_info($param) is deprecated


In PHP 8.1, mysqli::get_client_info method (OOP style), and passing parameters to the mysqli_get_client_info function is deprecated.

mysqli_get_client_info function and the mysqli::get_client_info method return the MySQLi client version as a string. This value is static across a PHP setup, and it does not change depending on the connection.

// "mysqlnd 8.1.0-dev"

mysqli::get_client_info method deprecation

The get_client_info method in the mysqli class is deprecated in PHP 8.1. Attempting to call it emits a deprecation notice.

Deprecated: Method mysqli::get_client_info() is deprecated in ...

It is straight-forward to avoid the deprecation warning across all PHP versions by replacing the call with the equivalent mysqli_get_client_info function:

- $info = $connection->get_client_info();
+ $info = mysqli_get_client_info();

mysqli_get_client_info with parameters deprecation

Passing any parameters to the mysqli_get_client_info function results in PHP 8.1 and later emitting a deprecating notice.

Deprecated: mysqli_get_client_info(): Passing connection object as an argument is deprecated in ...

To avoid the deprecation notice on all PHP versions, call the mysqli_get_client_info function without any parameters.

- $info = mysqli_get_client_info($connection);
+ $info = mysqli_get_client_info();

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Backwards Compatibility Impact

The deprecation notices can be easily avoided by replacing them with a mysqli_get_client_info() function call, that returns identical values.