PHP 8.1: MySQLi: mysqli_driver->driver_version property is deprecated


mysqli_driver->driver_version property from the MySQLi extension is deprecated in PHP 8.1.

$driver = new mysqli_driver();
echo $driver->driver_version; // 101009
Deprecated: The driver_version property is deprecated in ... on line ...

The mysqli_driver->driver_version property was not updated for many years, at least since 2007, and the driver version is a useless value because despite the changes in the driver (such as default error mode change in PHP 8.1), the driver version has not changed.

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Backwards Compatibility Impact

Using mysqli_driver->driver_version will emit a deprecation notice in PHP 8.1, and will be removed in PHP 9.0.

Because this value has not changed for over a decade, it is safe to drop any version number checks that used the driver_version property. Any code that needs to determine the driver version can use the standard \PHP_VERSION_ID constant.