PHP 7.4.0alpha2: Downloads, Changelog, News

Release Information

PHP Version
PHP 7.4
Release Date
Release Type
Bug Fix Release
Release Status
EOL, Use PHP 7.4.33
Branch Status

PHP 7.4 reached EOL on , and all releases of this version no longer receive security or bug fixes. Using PHP 7.4.0alpha2 is not recommended. PHP 7.4.33 is the latest version in the series.


Source Code

Git Clone
Use Git to clone the 7.4.0alpha2 tag from the PHP Git repository.
git clone --depth 1 --branch php-7.4.0alpha2
How to compile PHP
PHP can be compiled by setting up the dependencies, building the configure script (./buildconf), configuring the build ./configure, and running make.
Detailed articles on how to compile PHP are available for Ubuntu/Debian based systems and Fedora/RHEL based systems.

Windows binaries

Docker/Podman Containers

PHP CLI Containers images only include the PHP CLI, and no FPM or Apache modules. The Alpine builds are lightweight, but may introduce incompatibilities due to their musl builds. Albeit their larger size, the Debian-based (without the "-alpine" suffix) images are more complete, and widely used.

Alpine-based: Lightweight, but may introduce incompatibilities due to their musl builds.
docker pull php:7.4.0alpha2-cli-alpine

Debian-based: More compatible with other components, complete, and are widely used.
docker pull php:7.4.0alpha2-cli
PHP CLI + Web Server Integration
These container images include PHP CLI, and a web server integration. FPM container images can be integrated with web servers such as Nginx, Caddy, and Apache with Event MPM. The Apache container images include Apache web server, integrating PHP as an Apache module.

Alpine-based: Lightweight, but may introduce incompatibilities due to their musl builds.
docker pull php:7.4.0alpha2-fpm-alpine

Debian-based ZTS Apache: Includes Apache web server integrating PHP as an Apache module.
docker pull php:7.4.0alpha2-apache

Debian-based NTS FPM: PHP-FPM, can be integrated with Nginx, Caddy, and other web servers over Fast CGI.
docker pull php:7.4.0alpha2-fpm

Commit List

Anatol Belski

Andrey Hristov

Asher Baker


Christoph M. Becker

Côme Chilliet

Derick Rethans

  • Update CREDITS for PHP 7.4.0alpha1 in ec57ba5edd
  • Fixed bug #67348: Reading $dbc->stat modifies $dbc->affected_rows in 579562176b
  • Update versions for PHP 7.4.0alpha2 in 3c3775fc38

Dmitry Stogov

Erik Lundin

Freddie Leeman

  • Simplify pm.start_servers calculation in docs in 482784284a

George Peter Banyard

  • Remove useless param in php_snmp_error() in 6bd66f77fc
  • Remove unnecessary short_open_tags use in tokenizer test in b2d6d29632

Joe Watkins

  • we are not running database tests on macos, there is no need to install mysql or start pg in a7f8a2b731
  • we are not running database tests on macos, there is no need to install mysql or start pg in 3b6d36435f
  • Revert "micro-optimization" in 175c7bf6fe
  • test for bug #78151 in b2b0e52466
  • fix mac tests on azure in f16b012116
  • disable this test temporarily in 8f4e24eeef
  • fix flaky socket tests in afdf7ed5ba
  • This test is flaky, and some of it doesn't make sense in 3852a35fdb
  • gettimeofday cannot be used to reliably implement high precision process synchronization in 7e1972796b
  • this mtime comparison makes assumptions that cannot always hold true in 2283884475
  • bugs in fpm logging #4273 #4007 in 116d42d990
  • fix flaky socket test in 68785c00ef
  • Resolve discrepencies between second value yielded by gettimeofday and time, fixes #69044 in 65067dff01
  • Separate check for process creation and ability to accept connections in d6480fa231
  • refactor a little more to add some more useful error messages and raise the limits on waiting for slow machines in eda5d8afcf
  • export php_time in 599b94ff14
  • fix setcookie Max-Age to use php_time in 31a1c1e67c

Nikita Popov

Niklas Keller

  • Fix memory leak in TLS matches_san_list in fea9f93166

Remi Collet

Rosen Penev

  • Fix compilation without deprecated OpenSSL 1.1 APIs in 32e6d08dcd

Theodore Brown

  • Implement numeric literal separators in f74109d9a4


  • Turn add_index_zval and add_next_index_zval into inline function in 42cc58ff7b
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