PHP 7.4: What's New and Changed

Version StatusUnsupported
Release Date2019-11-28

PHP 7.4 brings major improvements to typing to the language, and PHP 7.4 is probably the boldest release since PHP 7.0 that brings major syntax, quality-of-life, and performance improvements.

PHP 7.4 brings typed properties. It allows you to declare the types of class properties, and they are enforced at run-time. This can help you remove the getter/setter bloat, and makes room for PHP engine to make performance optimizations.

In addition to typed properties, PHP 7.4 supports long awaited arrow functions. It provides a shorthand syntax to the traditional Lambda functions, that can help code look cleaner without the visual clutter of the standard function() {} boilerplate.

PHP 7.4 brings many other improvements that certainly drives PHP to a modern language, keeping up with other languages such as JavaScript and Go.