PHP 8.4: phpinfo: Show PHP Integer Size information

TypeNew Feature

The phpinfo() output in PHP 8.4 shows the integer size supported by the current PHP setup in bits.

phpinfo: PHP Integer Size information
The integer size is also included in the PHP CLI output:

  Zend Extension => 420230901
  Zend Extension Build => API420230901,TS,VS16
  PHP Extension Build => API20230901,TS,VS16
+ PHP Integer Size => 64 bits

Backwards Compatibility Impact

The new PHP Integer Size field in phpinfo() output is only an indicative value. PHP 8.4 and all previous versions (since PHP 5.0.5) support the following PHP constants to determine the integer size and the range of supported integers.

  • PHP_INT_SIZE: The integer size in bytes. e.g. 64 bits support would have PHP_INT_SIZE = 8.
  • PHP_INT_MIN: The minimum supported integer value; -2147483648 in 32 bit systems and -9223372036854775808 in 64 bit systems.
  • PHP_INT_MAX: The maximum supported integer value; 2147483647 in 32 bit systems and 9223372036854775807 in 64 bit systems.