PHP 8.2 Release Managers Elected

Published On21 May 2022

PHP 8.2 Release Managers elected

PHP 8.2 is to be released in November 2022, and the PHP core developer recently elected two Release Managers who will be responsible for releasing PHP 8.2 versions, and having the final say in RFCs and other aspects of the PHP 8.2 series.

For each major PHP release, the PHP core developers elect two release managers. This includes one veteran PHP core developer who has been a release manager before, and a new developer who is relatively new to the process.

Christoph M. Becker called for the interested parties to step-in for the role on April 25, which received seven applications for the rookie position. Ben Ramsey, who is one of the PHP 8.1 release managers stepped in to be the veteran release manager.

There was a poll between May 11 and May 18 to elect a release manager out of the candidates:

  • Aaron Junker
  • Calvin Buckley
  • Eric Mann
  • Evan Sims
  • Pierrick Charron
  • Saif Eddin Gmati
  • Sergey Panteleev

Pierrick Charron and Sergey Panteleev received 10 votes each, and were elected to be the release managers for PHP 8.2, along with Ben Ramsey

Pierrick, Sergey, and Ben will be coordinating the PHP 8.2 release from the first alpha release, all the way until PHP 8.2 reaches its end-of-life.

PHP 8.2 Release Schedule

While there are no concrete plans for PHP 8.2 release dates, and are subject to change, below is a rough schedule on when PHP 8.2 versions are released, and goes out of support.

PHP 8.2 is scheduled to be released on 24 November, 2022.

Version/Event Date
PHP 8.2 Alpha 1 2022 June 09
PHP 8.2 Alpha 2 2022 June 23
PHP 8.2 Alpha 3 2022 July 07
Feature-Freeze 2022 July 19
PHP 8.2 Beta 1 2022 July 21
PHP 8.2 Beta 2 2022 August 04
PHP 8.2 Beta 3 2022 August 18
PHP 8.2 RC 1 2022 September 01
PHP 8.2 RC 2 2022 September 15
PHP 8.2 RC 3 2022 September 29
PHP 8.2 RC 4 2022 October 13
PHP 8.2 RC 5 2022 October 27
PHP 8.2 RC 6 2022 November 10
PHP 8.2 GA 2022 November 24
PHP 8.2 End of active support 2024 November
PHP 8.2 End of Life 2025 November

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