PHP 8.1 Alpha 1 Releases on June 10

Published On2021-06-09

PHP 8.1 - Alpha 1

The first development version of PHP 8.1, Alpha 1, will be released on June 10, 2021. Note that these alpha releases may contain serious bugs, and are absolutely not meant to be used in production systems. Further, PHP 8.1 has not reached its feature-freeze, which means new major features may still be added to PHP 8.1 later, or even removed prior to the feature-freeze, scheduled on 20th of July, 2021.

RFCs such as pure intersection types are still in voting, and will not be included in this first alpha release.

PHP 8.1 recently elected three release managers for PHP 8.1, and PHP 8.1 Alpha 1 will be the first tagged created by them.

Getting PHP 8.1 Alpha 1

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PHP 8.1 Release Managers elected

PHP 8.1 Release Managers elected

The vote to select two additional Release Managers for PHP 8.1, along with Joe Watkins concluded today with Ben Ramsey and Patrick Allaert being Release Managers-elect.
Update to recent `` incident

Update to recent `` incident

An update to recent the `` compromise and attempt to place a backdoor.
`` server compromised, move to GitHub, and delayed updates

`` server compromised, move to GitHub, and delayed updates

``, the Git server that hosted PHP source code was hacked, and contained a RCE backdoor. PHP source is now moved to GitHub. Further, the upcoming PHP 8.0.4 and 7.4.17 are delayed by two weeks.
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