PHP 8.1 Is Released!

Published On25 Nov 2021

PHP 8.1 - Thanks

PHP 8.1 is now released, it is a fantastic release! It brings features such as Enums that was long expected, and features such as Fibers that extends capabilities of PHP as a programming language.

More than 124 people contributed to shape PHP in code, and hundreds more with bug reports, early testing, documentation, podcasts, talks, and more!

PHP powers over 75% of the web today, and this release eventually brings the efforts of all of the contributors to an overwhelmingly majority of the web. Thank you for all of your tireless efforts in shaping PHP 8.1.

To celebrate, PHP.Watch created posters. They are ready to be printed on standard Ledger print (17" x 11", CMYK). It contains all of the Git author names, weighed and normalized based on the number of commits. It goes without saying that there are several more contributors with bug reports, code review, documentation, and more. Congratulations to everyone in the PHP community for this exciting PHP 8.1 release 🐘💓🚀.

PHP 8.1 Poster - Dark PHP 8.1 Poster - Light
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