Hierarchy of PHP exceptions

Published On2020-03-30

PHP is on its way to use more and more exceptions, and with PHP 8.0 throwing \TypeError and \ValueError exceptions, you will be seeing lots of exceptions working with modern PHP!

Here is a quick chart to help you take an overview look at the Exceptions used in PHP versions:

  ├── Error
  │     ├── ArithmeticError
  │     │       └── DivisionByZeroError
  │     ├── AssertionError
  │     ├── CompileError
  │     │       └── ParseError
  │     ├── TypeError
  │     │   └── ArgumentCountError
  │     ├── ValueError
  │     ├── UnhandledMatchError
  |     ├── FiberError
  |     └── Random\RandomError
  │             └── BrokenRandomEngineError
  └── Exception
        ├── ClosedGeneratorException
        ├── DOMException
        ├── ErrorException
        ├── IntlException
        ├── JsonException
        ├── LogicException
        │       ├── BadFunctionCallException
        │       │        └── BadMethodCallException
        │       ├── DomainException
        │       ├── InvalidArgumentException
        │       ├── LengthException
        │       └── OutOfRangeException
        ├── PharException
        ├── ReflectionException
        ├── RuntimeException
        │       ├── OutOfBoundsException
        │       ├── OverflowException
        │       ├── PDOException
        │       ├── RangeException
        │       ├── UnderflowException
        │       ├── UnexpectedValueException
        │       └── PDOException
        ├── SodiumException
        ├── FiberExit
        └── Random\RandomException


  • All of these exceptions are in the global namespace.
  • \SodiumException is from the sodium extension.
  • \PDOException is from the pdo extension.
  • \RandomException and RandomError are from the Random extension added in PHP 8.2.
  • The list is not exhaustive. Additional extensions might add more exceptions, but you can catch them all by catching \Throwable, or by the more specific \Error or \Exception classes.


PHP 8.0
PHP 8.1
PHP 8.2

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